Mission Statement

  • To offer an exciting inspiring entertainment alternative in the south valley area
  • To gather adult musicians for a personally-enriching professional musical experience
  • To support and build budding young musicians through side-by-side mentoring
  • To strengthen the community by providing elite opportunities for participation in and support of the arts


  • Make each concert an event not-to-be-missed
  • Provide four concerts a year while preparing to offer monthly concerts, including a Youth Concerto Night
  • Offer an auditioned group to adults who are musically talented and who desire to find musical fulfillment
  • Expand its membership to a 60-80 member orchestra and 120-member choir
  • Be fiscally able to pay DPACS instrumentalists and choir members at a professional level, to draw and appropriately compensate the best musicians from around the world
  • Work to support and expand the Vezzoso School of Music and its accompanying youth orchestras and choirs and establish the Vandewiele Conservatory of Fine Arts
  • Build a state-of-the-art venue that provides the needed space and technical tools for all of these entities to work together to serve the community and the world at the highest level of artistry  

Performance Season

  • United We Stand, June 30, 2018
    • Featuring patriotic favorites, words of the founding fathers, and musical highlights from four regions of the country to promote unity and true patriotism
  • Best of Broadway, Oct 12-13, 2018
    • Showcasing beautiful melodies and stirring messages from Broadway favorites
  • Wisemen Still Seek Him, Dec 7-8, 2018
    • Including a magical presentation of the birth of the Savior of the world through the eyes of those who witnessed it first-hand
  • Lamb of God, by Rob Gardner, March 22-23 and 28-30, 2019
    • Offering, as a free gift to the community, a profound musical portrayal of the Biblical account of the Easter story